At Water Closet Media, we've been ahead of the curve in executing Non-Traditional restroom and Indoor "Out of Home Advertising.

In the age of Tivo, Ipods, Satellite Radio, and traditional Media Clutter, it has been increasingly difficult to find a medium for your advertising message to reach consumers. Non-Traditional, Indoor and Restroom Advertising leads the way in commanding the undivided attention of a highly social and influential audience in a highly positive environment: at restaurants, night spots, sports bars, health clubs and arenas.

We've proven that Indoor Restroom advertising is the most cost effective, innovative medium to expose your product or service to millions of undistracted and viable customers in the Pacific Northwest and throughout North America.

Our clients testify that restroom advertising is an uncluttered, creative and targeted medium. They know Water Closet MediaTM effectively reaches a customer base that has disposable income.

With gender, demographic and geographic specific targeting, Water Closet MediaTM is a cost-effective complement to any media mix. It is advertising that is not only remembered, but it also generates sustained awareness.

Place your advertising message in front of potential customers and clients at the nations highest trafficked restaurants, sports bars, night clubs, theaters, stadiums and arenas.

Water Closet MediaTM demands the undivided attention of a captive audience.