Water Closet Media, you can't change the channel on our ads and we're reaching the hard to reach audience directly.

Carolyn Hollowell, Director of Marketing-Oregon Cricket Wireless

Water Closet Media is the most effective form of advertising I purchase, and I've been a client since 1994. We target an active demographic that spends money. I had over 150 customers last summer solely from our Water Closet Media ads!

Casey Dale, Owner Bungee.com / Bungee Master

We believe that our ads with Water Closet Media increase the exposure of our shows and are a very effective and affordable addition to our media mix.

Isabelle Gardner, Cirque du Soleil

We receive four times the calls from our 10 Water Closet Media ads than we do from our Yellow Pages ad and the customers we reach are exactly in our demographic.

Shannon Latimer, Domestica Household Services

Water Closet Media hits our active audience, cuts through clutter and we can tailor our bicycle ads gender specifically within the restrooms. We've been happy customers since 1997.

Kevin Chudy, Owner, Bike N Hike